Steiner Launches New Navigator Range of Marine Binoculars
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Steiner Launches New Navigator Range of Marine Binoculars

Steiner-Optik from Bayreuth, Germany has launched a new range of Navigator marine binoculars, with new innovations, and optimized handling. Designed to be a professional binocular the range features a new rubber texture for improved grip, as well as being water repellant.

Specialist binocular manufacturer Steiner-Optik from Bayreuth, Germany has launched a new generation of Navigator marine binoculars, which integrate the popular product features of the old Navigator Pro models, along with some new technical innovations and optimized handling.

The new Navigator series, even without "Pro" in the new model name, still identifies itself as being a professional binocular for all of those who take their activities on the water seriously. Steiner are committed to the ambition of exceeding users' expectations from all of their binoculars.

In close cooperation with professional mariners, Steiner is setting new milestones with this new generation, delivering improvements and innovations, but also maintaining the highly respected Steiner quality standards. The technical features and advanced design offer additional comfort and safety on board. The evolution of innovative, consistent development of the successful Navigator Pro series is reflected in this new Navigator range.

In rough seas, the safe handling of binoculars is essential, especially when using just one hand. This is why Steiner have created more space for reliable holding with the new Navigators' "open bridge" design. This system ensures safe navigation, even under the most difficult of conditions. It is supported by a further innovation: The new, wave-like rubber armoring texture provides a firm grip and has the special ability to repel water. This ensures non-slip and safe handling, especially in heavy rain or spray. These binoculars are also completely waterproof down to 5 meters.

As with the previous version, the new Navigator series offers models in two different sizes, both of them available with, or without the popular integrated analogue compass. The compass is liquid-damped, absorbs large shocks on deck and is also the most precise in its class. These features, combined with an integrated bearing marker leave nothing to be desired by the demanding sailor. With regard to safety and comfort of use, Steiner have optimized the positioning of the light button on the compass. This refinement allows the user to hold the binoculars with just one hand and simultaneously activate the compass illumination.

On a more technical note, Steiner have been able to further improve the already impressive field of view of the Navigator Pro series. This enables an even more breathtaking overview when looking through the binoculars. The extended field of view makes it easier to navigate safely, when entering a harbor or similar narrow environment, such as when passing under bridges.

Naturally, the well-proven Steiner High-Contrast optics ensure that the new Navigator models provide the usual bright, high-contrast images with high-contour sharpness and natural color rendition. Easy handling, combined with technical improvements and the legendary Steiner ruggedness, make the new Navigator series a reliable partner in every situation, even under the most difficult of conditions.

Model overview:

Navigator 7x50
50mm objective lens diameter and 7x magnification: This model provides a steady view in rough seas and guarantees a bright image with excellent contrast and sharp detail, even in near-darkness.

Navigator 7x50c
In addition to the excellent image quality, this Navigator offers a large analogue, fluid-damped, HD-stabilized compass, which can be illuminated, making it easier to navigate at sea.

Navigator 7x30
The compact design and objective lens diameter of 30mm make this Navigator the perfect companion for spontaneous trips. These characteristics make it an absolute pleasure to use at sea as well as on land.

Navigator 7x30c
In addition, their more compact size and excellent image quality, this easy to use and versatile Navigator model has an integrated HD-stabilized compass, ensuring greater safety at sea and reliable transits.

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