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We offer in the market, repair, installation and maintenance services, as well consultancy and project .

The distribution of the brands, represented by our company, is complemented by a technical department composed with several professionals to ensure all the technical support necessary for the development of the company's activity. All the solutions that we made available on the market are therefore supported by a team with skilled technicians, that not only have a perfect knowledge of the products but also with the expertise to evaluate its implementation in any scenario.




Our commitment is the customer satisfaction!

We believe that the success of our solutions are not only based on the quality of our products but also the quality of the technical services we provide to our customers with an efficient and as effective as possible support. The satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal.


Training and Knowledge

Training and knowledge update of our technicians, is vital to achieve our goals in order to ensure a responsible and quality technical service.

Technological evolution is an ongoing process, and accordingly, every year our technicians are attending technical trainings with our main manufacturers, in order to learn or update their knowledge and maintain the brand certification.


Specialized Services

GMDSS Shore Based Maintenance

We are a certified company to celebrate with shipowners a GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) Shore Based Maintenance contracts, for fleets sailing in all A1, A2, A3 and A4 sea areas of navigation.


SBM Service Station for EPRIB 'S and SART 'S

Nautiradar is certified to perform the maintenance and repair services for EPIRB's and SART's of Mcmurdo and Kannad brands. We provide battery replacement service, programming and SBM certification ( Shore - Based Maintenance ) To provide this service to domestic and international markets, we are equipped with the most modern test equipment required and technical personnel trained in the factory to perform this specific task.



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