Revolutionary Wi-Fi Gateway With Data Logging Launched by Actisense
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Revolutionary Wi-Fi Gateway With Data Logging Launched by Actisense

June 2019

Marine electronics specialist, Actisense, have launched their revolutionary Wi-Fi Gateway, the W2K-1, which also records a variety of marine vessel data.

Actisense have released the W2K-1, their highly anticipated NMEA 200 Wi-Fi Gateway with data logging technology that has the ability to record navigational and engine data – a feature that is completely unique in the market place.

Like other devices on the market, the W2K-1 can transmit NMEA 2000 data using TCP and UPD while also offering support for conversion to NMEA 0183. However, what makes the W2K-1 stand out over its competitors is the voyage data recorder (VDR). This means the device has the ability to log a wide variety of vessel data such as position, speed, course, depth, windspeed and engine data. No other product on the market can claim both of these features as part of the same device.

All data received from the vessel is logged on the WK2-1’s internal micro SD card, which can hold approximately 16 days of data. This data can then be used for later analysis of the voyage.

This logging functionality can be beneficial for a range of different uses. For example, race boat owners can analyse performance of their vessel following a competition, whilst boat owners can easily create digital logbooks, diagnose network issues or simply share their trip online.

Phil Whitehurst, CEO of Actisense, said:

“Whilst there are several Wi-Fi Gateway’s on the market, we are thrilled to be leading the way when it comes to data logging through Wi-Fi. As the way people consume technology continues to advance it’s important that our marine electronics not only respond to but also anticipates these trends.”

First revealed as a prototype at the METSTRADE 2018, the W2K-1 has been in development for 18 months and the Actisense engineering team have been fine-tuning the device based on their customers feedback from 45 different countries.


To learn more about this new product from Actisense, click here.

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