Fusion presents new FM series marine speakers and subwoofers
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Fusion presents new FM series marine speakers and subwoofers

October 2019

The new FM Series marine speakers are engineered to deliver high-quality acoustics to your vessel in a sleek and minimalistic form factor to meet the latest boat design trends. The FM Series are designed to be flush mounted with a mounting profile no thicker than 2.5mm [3/32”], for a near flat finish.

Available in a round or square form factor, they come in two sizes (7.7” 200 Watt and 6.5” 120 Watt - with one size to fit a 165mm [6-1/2”] cutout and the other to fit a 138mm [5-7/16”] cutout) and also two colors (black or white) to meet different customers’ needs. Matching 10” 400-Watt FM Series subwoofers are also available to add another dimension to your on-board audio entertainment experience.


Enjoy Fusion’s trademark quality audio reproduction with the FM Series marine speakers. Engineered with performance and quality in mind, the FM Series combines optimized speaker drivers inherited from the XS Series speakers with aluminum dome tweeters to produce quality audio at all volume levels, for an enhanced audio entertainment experience out on the water.


Designed with a minimalistic, clean look, the FM Series will fit nicely on a range of different modern boat designs. The low profile, near-flat installation allows for a visually appealing finish never before seen on a marine speaker or subwoofer.


The FM Series features an intelligent mounting system for a non-intrusive, easy installation. Simply place the speaker or subwoofer in the cutout, tighten the screws and the speaker legs will tighten against the panel, keeping it in place without creating any screw holes to your vessel.

Designed to Comply With ISO12216

The FM Series have passed stringent pressure and water tightness tests in accordance to ISO12216 (D1.1 for Areas II, III and IV). This is critically important as it ensures the boat builders and consumers alike are installing genuinely safe speakers on board their vessel. By achieving ISO12216 compliance is a recognition of the product's superior design and build quality.

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