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Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100 - Inverter-Charger Combi

€ 4.089,00 (vat incl.)

€ 3.324,39 (vat not incl.)

Manufacturer: Mastervolt

Part Number: 38523500

Our Ref.: 114779

Mastervolt's Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100 integrates a powerful battery charger and an efficient inverter. Comes with a Combi MasterBus Interface.

The Mass Combi Pro series consists of two models, ranging in 3000 and 3500 watt. For higher capacities up to 40 kW the Combi Pro can be used in parallel or 3-phase configurations.

The Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100 is equipped with the latest technologies. The new ‘V6’ inverter technology ensures a uniquely low stand-by use, while an ultra-fast Digital Signal Processor guarantees seamless switching between all available energy sources.

Power Assist prevents power dips and failures, even with a weak electricity connection or small generator. Moreover, all Mass Combi Pro models are equipped with MasterBus.

‘Pro’ models
For professional applications, Mastervolt offers a ‘Pro’ model, featuring all Ultra functions, but without the solar input and secondary battery charger.

Quiet operation
The Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100 can provide up to 50 % of the charging current or inverter capacity without fan cooling. This is perfect for night-time operation; if little power is consumed, the fan stops turning and goes silent. When maximum capacity is required, or the ambient temperature is very high, the Active Optima Cooling concept regulates the fan speed in a linear way, ensuring that it never spins too fast or makes any unnecessary ticking noises.

Exceptional performance
The inverter is quiet, clean and efficient, and offers the full capacity even in extreme ambient temperatures. Pure sine wave energy and a peak capacity of 200 % guarantee a problem-free start, even for the heaviest loads.

Optimal battery use
The powerful battery charger provides a full charge current in ambient temperatures up to 40 °C. Meticulous load properties and a low ripple current guarantee a long battery life.


Sine Wave Inverter

  • Nominal DC voltage: 24 V (19-32 V)
  • Output voltage: 230 V (± 2 %), adjustable 180-260 V
  • Output frequency: 50/60 Hz (± 0.005 %), configurable
  • Output waveform: true sine, Thd < 1 % under standard conditions
  • Continuous power at 25 °C / 77 °F, cos phi 1: 3500 W
  • Max. peak load: 7000 W
  • Max. efficiency: ≥ 92 %
  • Max. ripple on DC (battery at full load): < 5 %
  • No-load power consumption on DC (ON/inverter OFF/OFF/energy saving): 16 W / 4 W / 0 W / 7 W
  • Parallel configuration: yes, up to 10 standard
  • 3-Phase configuration: yes, up to 3x3
  • Synchronize with mains/generator: yes

Battery Charger

  • Input voltage range: 184-275 V
  • Max. input current: 16 A
  • Max. charge current at 25 °C / 77 °F: 100 A at 28.5 V, adjustable
  • Battery temperature sensor: yes, included
  • Battery voltage sense: through MasterShunt, otherwise automatic compensation

Transfer System

  • AC input 1: 50 A (generator only, switched)
  • AC input 2: 30 A (mains only, switched)
  • AC output 1: 67 A
  • AC output 2: 50 A (switched)
  • AC input fuse: no
  • Transfer speed: seamless (< 1 ms)
  • Transfer voltage range: 184-275 V, adjustable
  • Transfer frequency range: 35-68 Hz, adjustable

General Specifications

  • Display/read-out: LED display
  • Dimensions, hxwxd: 472 x 318 x 178 mm | 18.6 x 12.5 x 7.0 inch
  • Weight: 15.3 kg | 33.7 lb
  • Approvals: CE, ABYC

Technical Specifications

  • Charge characteristic: 3-step+ (IUoUo, fully automatic)
  • Battery types: AGM/gel/MLI/flooded/spiral/traction
  • Recommended battery capacity: ~ 200-600 Ah (based on gel batteries, may differ for other types)
  • Ground relay: yes, configurable
  • Temperature range (ambient temp.): -25 °C to 60 °C, derating > 40 °C | -13 °F to 140 °F
  • Protection degree: IP23 (vertical mounting)
  • Safety class: IEC protection class I
  • Humidity protection: conformal coating, max. 95 % relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Protections: over temperature, overload, short circuit, high/low battery voltage
  • Cooling: maintenance-free vario fans
  • Power Assist: yes
  • MasterBus compatible: yes
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